Seccorell Large Box Metal Wipe+Paint


Seccorell Large Box Metal Wipe+Paint

24 colours

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Wipe+Paint, large metal box with wool felt

24 colour sticks, 2 rubbing blocks, felt pouch, 2 cleaning brushes, eraser, eraser pencil holder

Dimensions: 17 x 11.4 x 2.3 cm
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Seccorell Large Box Metal Wiping+Painting, 24 colours and accessories

Between watercolour and pastel, this wiping technique creates delicate to intense areas of colour that are smudge-proof and do not require any fixation. It can be used to create designs on a wide variety of materials as well as in combination with well-known painting techniques. The colour sticks are made of bound mineral pigment. Traces of colour can simply be removed from the hands with soap and water. This painting technique creates colourful, delicate or strong pictures. The set is particularly popular in the middle school of the Waldorf School and is used there by the children in many different ways. This unique painting technique is suitable for creating table lanterns, pole lanterns, postcards or greeting cards.

The Seccorell Large Box Metal Wiping+Painting contains 24 colour sticks, 2 rubbing blocks, felt pouch with 2 cleaning brushes (natural and brass bristles), eraser pencil holder with eraser. Sturdy metal box with wool felt inside.

Product information:

Seccorell large metal box Wipe+Paint.
Contents: Sturdy metal box with wool felt inside, 24 colour sticks, 2 rubbing blocks, felt pouch, 2 cleaning brushes, eraser, eraser pencil holder
Dimensions: L 17 x W 11,4 x H 2,3 cm

Further sets "Wiping and Painting", refill sets, coloured pencils, wax crayons and blocks from Stockmar and everything for painting and designing can be found in our category Painting & Drawing!

Smudge painting technique with Seccorell colour sticks

In the wipe painting technique, the colour sticks are rubbed with the help of a rubbing block and the rubbed-off colour is rubbed onto a sheet of paper. This creates wonderfully even or glaze or watercolour-like areas and pictures. Accents can be set with the colour sticks just like with a crayon. Areas in the picture can be lightened with the eraser. This technique creates pictures that can look like watercolours. Thanks to the fine rubbing, no solid lines are created in the picture unless they are desired. With this painting technique, children from the age of 4 can paint and be creative! In the Waldorf school, these extraordinary colour sticks from Seccorell - MeiArt are used in the eras. Thus, the pocket box "Wipe and Paint" is also wonderfully suitable as a first-school present.

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