Seccorell large box metal wipe + paint

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Between watercolour and pastel. With this wiping technique, very delicate to intensive colour areas are created, which are smudge-proof and do not require any fixation. The design of different materials is possible as well as the combination with known painting techniques. The colour sticks consist of bound mineral pigment. Traces of colour can be easily removed from the hands with soap and water. 24 colour sticks, 2 rubbing blocks, felt bag with 2 cleaning brushes (natural and brass bristles), eraser lead holder with eraser lead. Sturdy metal box with wool felt inside. L 17 x W 11.4 x H 2.3 cm.

Item ID 4259600
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer MeiArt
Weight 270 g
Dimensions 165×110×25mm
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