Small soapstone engraving set


Small soapstone engraving set

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Small engraving set, soapstone carving set with tools.

A complete engraving set for making a cut stone plate that is very beautiful and easy to engrave. Everything it takes is included in this set.

The stone can be ground into shape with the sandpaper, then patterns, shapes or lettering can be engraved into the stone using the engraving needle and then made to shine with the shine oil.Discover the joy of working the softest stone in the world.

Product information:
Contents: rough stone plate, 1 sandpaper set, grit: 60/120/360, engraving needle, gloss oil with instructions.
Dimensions: Stone: 7 x 7 cm

You can find more soapstone sets for carving in our category <a href="" target="_blank">craft-sets!

Working with soapstone is a popular activity at children's birthday parties, as it is easy and quick to work with and produces very beautiful works of art!

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