Large soapstone box


Large soapstone box

For small animals, trailers etc.

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Raw material in pure quality

Simple working instructions included

1.5 kg in 10-20 rough stones, each approx. 50-250 g
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Content 1,5 kilogram
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Large soapstone box, 10-20 rough stones each approx. 50-250 g

From the soft soapstone, even little artists from the age of 5 make imaginative figures, animals or pendants through diligent rasping, grinding and oiling. soapstone is a fascinating material, it leaves children plenty of room for their creative ideas. the box contains enough material for several children and for many imaginative works of art such as small animals amulets, shapes and hand charms. this set contains 10 to 20 raw stones at 50 to 250 g/piece, a total of 1.5 kg. the enclosed instructions give tips on working the soapstones.

Product information:

Raw stones in different colours and sizes
content: 1,5 kg
10-20 rough stones each approx. 50-250 g
incl. working instructions

Tips for use:

  • Work on a damp cloth so that any dust that falls off is bound immediately.
  • Moisten dust residues on the working area and push them together, e.g. with a squeegee.
  • Prefer wet sanding
  • Use a dust mask

General information on soapstone:

Soapstone is a natural mineral (magnesium silicate), which in mineralogy also goes by the names talc or steatite. Generally, dust does not belong to be inhaled, but in small quantities, which occur during normal manual processing with rasps and coarse sandpaper (up to grain size 120, grey sandpaper), it is not harmful to health. Polishing is, after all, done with water and water sandpaper, which binds the dust. Our stone is purest quality without foreign minerals.

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