"Playing always means learning, not through instruction, but through one's own experience"(Romanswerk).

Romanswerk is a family business founded in 2015 that uses handicrafts to produce educationally valuable toys. Behind the high-quality individual pieces is the demand for timeless aesthetics, functionality and indestructible durability. In our online shop you will find, among other things, the beautiful Farbenspiel and Filzi - the felt ball slingshot.

  • Felt ball
    Felt ball
    Romanswerk | Felt ball | Ø 2,5 cm | Balls made of felt | Colour according to stock Ø approx. 2.5 cm
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  • Filzi - the felt ball slingshot
    Filzi - the felt ball slingshot
    Romanswerk | Filzi - the felt ball slingshot | Incl. 3 balls | Wood | 17 x 12.5 x 2.5 cm incl. 3 felt balls
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  • Play of colours 10x10
    Romanswerk | play of colours 10x10 | incl. 100 coloured balls made of felt | oak | 30 x 30 cm incl. 100 coloured felt balls
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    Felt bowl
    Romanswerk | Felt bowl | small, medium, large small, medium, large
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  • With nine colored felt balls
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    Villekulla Basic Set
    Romanswerk | Villekulla Basic Set | Case optional | 199 pieces | 65 x 50 x 5 cm 199-piece
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Toys from Romanswerk

Unique & educationally valuable games

In the Tennengau region of Salzburg near Salzburg in Austria, everything revolves around wood. One of the many woodworking companies is "Romanswerk" - arts and crafts made of wood and metal.

Here, steel, wood and other natural materials are used to make furniture and accessories, as well as games that they develop themselves. The toys are designed by Roman and Nici Ulrich together, following the Montessori and Waldorf pedagogies. The aim is to create high-quality individual pieces that can grow old with their owners.

Regional and sustainable

In the production of the toys, preference is given to regional materials and, as far as possible, no plastic is used. Romanswerk uses natural pigments and oils from the company Kreidezeit for the colouring and after-treatment of felt and wood. In the region, delivery is made personally by cargo bike and only recycled or used cardboard boxes are used for shipping,

Advantages of the toy

At Waldorfshop you will find high-quality and pedagogically valuable toys for your child. Play is the child's work, so he or she also needs appealing, durable and sensible handicraft toys for it.

Toys from Romanswerk:

  • train children's motor skills

  • stimulate creativity

  • make children want to do arithmetic and deal with numbers

  • teaches complex movements

  • immerses children in imaginative play

Colour game and Filzi at Waldorfshop

In the Waldorfshop you will find the wonderful colour game by Romanswerk in the parlour games category. This creative game consists of a wooden board with either 9 or 100 hollows and a corresponding number of balls made of felt. There are no fixed rules, parents and children can come up with imaginative games.

5 ways to play with the colour game:

  1. A variety of colour patterns can be laid.

  2. It can be played Four Wins,

  3. TicTacToe and

  4. Fox and Hen can be played.

  5. Mill can also be played on the large board.

In October 2019, the colour game was awarded by "Spiel Gut". The entire structure of the game as well as the colours are stimulating and aesthetically designed. The colourful felt balls are produced in Nepal in sustainable production, at fair prices and under fair working conditions. They are also suitable for playing in the shop!

The colourful balls are also used in Filzi, a slingshot for felt balls. Inserting the ball, stretching and holding the rubber, aiming by feel and releasing the rubber trains hand-eye coordination, promotes the ability to concentrate and is also a valuable sequence of actions for ergotherapeutic exercises.

In this video, the Romanswerk company introduces itself and gives a small insight into the family business, its values, ideas and philosophy:

We hope you enjoy browsing our online shop and discovering the wonderful toys from our manufacturer Romanswerk!