When it comes to environmentally friendly washing and cleaning, Sonett products are absolute front runners. As one of the first manufacturers of ecological washing and cleaning products, Sonett was founded in 1977 and now supplies 43 countries worldwide with its products. In our "Healing" and "Play & Sport" category, you will find a selection of the 100% biodegradable products such as the children's foam soap or the organic soap bubbles.


Advantages of Sonett's ecological detergents and cleaning agents

Thanks to their careful composition and the rhythmic movement of detergent additives, Sonett's washing and cleaning products are particularly kind to the skin and are therefore also suitable for many allergy sufferers. Sonett's liquid soaps are suitable for use as hand soap as well as for the face and the whole body.

The criteria for ecological washing and cleaning are the renunciation of raw materials from petroleum chemistry and enzymes, the rejection of genetic engineering as well as the use of oils and other raw materials from organic cultivation. In addition, the products must be completely biodegradable. Sonett's products meet all these criteria and are therefore washing and cleaning products that fit well into the Waldorfshop range. For children, for example, Sonett's organic soap bubbles are ideal, as they contain neither harmful substances for the young users nor for the soil and degrade all by themselves. The high-quality products stand for a company for which the well-being of our earth, people and animals is the top priority.

The non-profit foundation Sonett supports organic farming, seed research, water research, the development of alternative test methods to animal testing, advocates humane beekeeping and a variety of ecological, cultural and artistic initiatives. By buying a Sonett product, you support a company that has been awarded the ClimatePartner and thus consume responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way.

The Sonett quality

The products owe their unique quality on the one hand to the selected raw materials and on the other hand to the addition of substances rhythmitised in the oloid. All Sonett products are also certified according to the highest standards worldwide: NCP (Nature Care Product) for ecological detergents and cleaning agents and NCS (Natural Cosmetics Standard) for ecological cosmetics and body care. Sonett's plant soaps, for example, are made from certified organic and biodynamically cultivated oils and, like all Sonett products, are 100% biodegradable. The restrained fragrances are coordinated from pure, natural essential oils, which also come from certified organic cultivation. The certifications of Sonett's detergents guarantee high-quality products in environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging, which is free of enzymes, nanotechnology and microplastics. Sonett neither conducts nor allows animal experiments.

Water - source and carrier of life

The care and responsibility for our water as the carrier of all living things is the initial impulse for the Sonett product line. Water is the actual washing and cleaning agent and it should be respected by the products, protected and returned to the natural cycle as quickly as possible.

Sonett has set itself the goal of bringing washing and cleaning into harmony with nature and especially with water, a goal that we at Waldorfshop also support.

Sonett at Waldorfshop

In addition to the already mentioned Calendula children's soap and the organic soap bubbles, we currently also have the olive Sonett detergent for wool and silk in our range. The scent of the sensitive detergent is due to the addition of the finest olive oil. In addition, there is the Mistelform children's care oil with either lavender or calendula. Waldorfshop is in the middle of the process of adding new Sonett detergents, cleaning agents, soaps and care oils to the range.