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made from natural rubber

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Balloons for the first day of school party

12 beautiful balloons for a colourful first day of school celebration. The balloons are made from 100% natural rubber and are biodegradable. Made in Europe, the balloons come in two designs and three different colours.

Product information:

Balloons in 3 colours and 2 designs (school cone and lettering).

  • Contents: 12 balloons.
  • Material: 100% natural rubber.

Discover decorations, large and small gifts as well as everything to do with the sugar cone in our back-to-school category!

AVA & YVES - Gifts for babies and children

The German company ava & yves was founded in 2013, where favourite things made of fabric and porcelain are designed with a lot of heart. Starting with lovingly designed postcards, the range now includes more than 1000 products that are sold internationally through more than 1300 retailers.

Balloons made of natural rubber

Protect the environment with these tips:

  • Please use balloons sparingly and be aware of the impact they have on our environment.
  • Use balloons more than once if possible.
  • Please do not let balloons fly, they can be used as decorations to bring joy and then disposed of properly.
  • Think about alternatives to the use of balloons. You will find many suggestions on the internet!

Natural rubber rots faster, but also takes many months to years to decompose. Conventional balloons made of synthetic rubber are a danger to our environment and to us. Their remains, which have decomposed into microparticles, remain in the environment for centuries, and birds, marine life and many other species suffer from the colourful rags. The toxic nitrosamines are easily absorbed and swallowed when they are inflated through the mouth.

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