Main Lesson Book blank

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Format: A3, A4, A5

Portrait or landscape format

with tissue paper or without tissue paper
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Period books are available in many different colours and shapes.

The period books are designed by the pupils in the Waldorf school with pictures and texts on the respective lesson topics. The result is an individual learning book which is worked out and designed by the pupils themselves. In the higher classes, the period books can be used for project work or annual work. They are also suitable as a colouring book or booklet for home.

Available in many different colours and formats, with or without tissue paper:

32 inner pages

Formats: A3, A4 or A5

with tissue paper, without tissue paper

landscape or portrait format

in 10 different colours

Sedulus Vertriebs GmbH consists of 6 different workshops where people with different disabilities produce exercise books, watercolour papers and educational materials for the classroom and for private use professionally and with great commitment. Sedulus represents the individual paper workshops to their customers. An important concern of the workshops is to contribute to sustainability and the protection of the environment with their assortment. Thus the exercise books and papers are
The environmental exercise books and papers are certified with the "Blue Angel".

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