Children's harp with case


Children's harp with case


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Children's harp, pentatonic

7 strings, tone sequence d' - e''.

Contents: harp, case, tuning key
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Children's harp with case, pentatonic

Children's harp by Choroi, 7 strings, pentatonic, with case, tone sequence d' - e''.

The children's harp with its delicate tone inspires to listen and make music and is suitable as a first instrument for children from the age of 7. It is made of ash and comes with tuning key, delivery with case. 7 strings, pentatonic, tone sequence d' - e''.

Product information

Contents: harp, case, tuning key

Material: ash wood

Dimensions: 47 x 23 cm.

For your information: First musical instruments

Children love fine sounds and almost always choose pentatonic sequences of notes, the "primal music of mankind", which always sounds harmonious. That is why pentatonically tuned instruments are particularly suitable for early musical education.

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