Lyra Super Ferby Pencils Waldorf Selection Unvarnished

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With the coloured pencil set of the Waldorf Selection by Lyra, Waldorf teachers have selected a very special compilation. Due to the high opacity and the fine coat of paint, children can discover and experience the bright colours of the wooden coloured pencils with a lot of fun. Thanks to the ergonomic trihedral shape, the pencils fit well in the hand and are suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. The triangular coloured pencils are also characterised by a thick, shatterproof lead and economical use. We recommend the Lyra Ferby coloured pencils for children in kindergarten and for the first years of school in the Waldorf School. The natural wood comes from guaranteed sustainable forest cultivation and is PEFC certified. There are many opportunities for children to become active in painting and drawing. Here too, work and play go hand in hand. By recognising and expanding their abilities, they can give the powers of their imagination and creativity more and more room and freedom of design. Through concentrated work, the child experiences andgrasps its inner space and what is experienced inside can be put on paper with the will and power to create. Self-efficacy, self-confidence, an aesthetic feeling and frustration tolerance are thus promoted and trained. In accompanying the child through this process, whether in the Waldorf Kindergarten, in the Waldorf School or at home, the child needs a compassionate and non-judgmental adult who is willing to discover the world of colours and forms with the child in a playful and curious way. With the special selection of colours in the Waldorf Selection by Lyra, which among other things does without black and white, the young artists have a wonderful tool at hand to make their inner images and experiences visible. Made in Germany. "spiel gut" awarded. Contents: 12 colour pencils in cardboard case. Zinc yellow, lemon, orange, scarlet red, geranium light, violet dark, light blue, Prussian blue, meadow green, may green, ochre brown, Van Dyck brown. Dimensions: Length 17.5 cm, lead ø 6.25 mm, triangular shape, natural. Lyra is one of the world's oldest brands for quality products for kindergarten, school, office and art supplies. Originally from Nuremberg, the brand, which can look back on a history of more than two hundred years, uses increasingly efficient and at the same time environmentally conscious methods to manufacture its high-quality products.

Item ID 3711100
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Lyra
Weight 155 g
Dimensions 190×120×10mm
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