Brush, pointed  18


Brush, pointed

for watercolour painting

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for watercolour painting

available in different sizes

Material: cow hair
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Brushes, for watercolour painting in 9 different sizes.

A pointed watercolour brush, made of pure cow hair, with a seamless silver ferrule, with a short black lacquered handle.

This watercolour brush is particularly soft, so children can create wonderfully flowing, colourful pictures with watercolour paints. This pointed watercolour brush enables a pointed application of paint, fine accents of colour can be set. With our brushes for watercolour painting, even younger children can enjoy painting.

Product information:

Watercolour brush pointed
Material: cow hair, wood, metal
Sizes: different thicknesses from size 2 - 18 ( ca 2- ca 10 mm)

Everything about painting with watercolours, painting boards, watercolour paper, watercolours, brushes and sponges can be found in the category Watercolour Painting!

Watercolour painting

Painting with the colour-intensive watercolours is a wonderful experience even for smaller children in kindergarten. The colours work on moistened watercolour paper and flow, mixing into each other. There is no right or wrong in children's pictures.

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