Treasure Bag with Fine Stones


Treasure Bag with Fine Stones

200 g

Item number 32080

200 g mixed stones

Organic cotton sack

for crafting, collecting and playing
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Treasure bag with fine stones, 200 g, mixed.

A treasure bag with the finest stones. Ideal for treasure hunts in the sand, for collecting and for filling the Advent calendar. The small gems are also suitable as a gift for children's birthday parties or for handicrafts.

Product information:

  • Stones in a set
  • Little bag made of organic cotton
  • Contents: 200 g
Play idea with precious stones

Treasure hunt in the sand

At a children's birthday party, the adults can secretly bury the small stones in the sand pit or in a limited, earthy-sandy area. The children, equipped with a sieve or with their bare hands, now search for treasures in the sand. It is useful to limit the amount a little so that not too many stones are found. This way, the children are amazed and admire the treasure they have found!

This game is also suitable for summer parties in the Waldorf kindergarten or at Waldorf school and kindergarten bazaars!

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