Small ceramic mug 2s yellow


Small ceramic mug 2s

2 piece

Item number 31241

2 mugs, ceramic

Colours: Yellow, Green, Blue, White-speckled

Dimensions: 8 cm high, Ø 6.5 cm
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Content 1 Set
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Small ceramic mugs, small mugs for children's hands!

Handy ceramic mugs with a special feel. The haptic perception is, compared to a mug made of plastic, a very positive one: the surface, the grip, the weight, all this is intensively perceived by small children's hands.
The cups are produced by hand in the Lautenbach clay workshop.

Because of their size, these small ceramic cups are the ideal drinking cups for the Waldorf kindergarten.

Product information:

Mug made of ceramic,
Contents: 2 cups
Colours: yellow, green, blue, white-speckled
Material: ceramic
Dimensions: 8 cm high, Ø 6.5 cm
Weight: approx. 180-190 g

You can find more mugs and cups for children made of ceramic and enamel in our category Cooking & Baking!

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