the.board, red


the.board, red

lacquered with cork

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Creative movement toy, promotes good body awareness

with cork strip

Material: 11-ply beech veneer, cork, colour: red
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das.Brett in the colour red for indoors and outdoors

The board is both a versatile play object and fitness equipment for balancing, sliding, swinging and jumping. It trains the muscles and balance. It promotes a sense of balance, body awareness, flexibility and depth perception even in the youngest children. It is also ideal as training equipment for fitness and yoga for teenagers and adults. The board is supplied with 1x set of instructions with fitness and yoga exercises.

The cork protection prevents the balance board from slipping and protects against floor damage.Thanks to the 11-ply veneer structure, the.Board can withstand heavy loads of up to 120 kg and remains flexible and pliable.that.board can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Beech wood from NRW from sustainable forestry as well as solvent-free and food-safe colours and oils from an organic farm in the Swabian Alb are used for production.

Stay on the move with this sporty toy and discover the playfulness.Board also available in the colours mint, yellow, natural and green!

Product information:

  • Content: 1 the.Board in red, with cork incl.1x instruction with fitness and yoga exercises.
  • Material: regional PEFC-certified beech wood, cork, lacquer.
  • Colour: red.
  • Dimensions: 86 x 28 x 19 cm.
  • Weight: 2.3 kg.
  • Loadable up to 120kg.
  • Age recommendation: from 3 years.

Attention: Suitable for person.Sports equipment, not a toy!
Note: Children under the age of 6 must be specially supervised.May only be used on level ground.Must not be used raised on one or both sides!

Toys to stimulate the lower senses can be found in the category <a href="" target="_blank">Motor skills and movement games!

5 advantages of the.Board for children and adults:
  1. Environmentally friendly materials: TicToys attaches great importance to sustainability.The balance board is made from environmentally friendly wood and is free from harmful chemicals.

  2. Chic design: The balance board from TicToys impresses with its chic and modern design.It fits into any children's room and is also a visual highlight for adults.

  3. Developing the sense of balance: Balancing on the board strengthens the sense of balance, which is beneficial not only for children but also for adults.It can help to prevent injuries in everyday life.

  4. Social interaction: The Balance Board from TicToys promotes social interaction.Children can play together and develop their motor skills together.

  5. Ideal gift: The balance board makes an excellent gift for children on various occasions.It is a sensible and fun alternative to many other toys.

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