Organic Cotton Travel Hammock red


Organic Cotton Travel Hammock

incl. 2 stainless steel hooks and rope pair

Item number 19305

Light, handy and comfortable

for 2 persons

Dimensions: fabric surface: 300 x 240 cm, load capacity up to 180 kg
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Travel hammock made of organic cotton, light, handy. Load capacity up to 160 kg.

Light, handy and simply cosy! The travel hammock made of organic cotton is light and robust at the same time. Incl. sewn-on bag with coconut button and vegan leather as reinforcement.

In set with extra light rope pair - 2 x 5 m pre-knotted suspension rope made of recycled polyester.

Product information:

Travel hammock and rope pair.
Material: organic cotton
Cloth surface: 260 x 200 cm
Total length: 300 cm (incl. 2 stainless steel hooks)
Load capacity up to 160 kg
Weight: 700 g

Hammocks and hanging chairs for children and adults can be found in many different colours in our category Hammocks & Hanging Chairs!

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