Kitchen for children

Children learn by imitation. That is why Waldorf education places great value on imaginative, imitative play. The children's play is actually their work. In this way the children acquire skills and abilities that they need in life, deepen and process what they have experienced. They are supported by toys that are close to everyday life. In this sense, the play kitchen occupies a special place in the children's toy range. Since toys made of natural materials enable the child to have a varied experience, the Waldorfshop recommends play kitchens made of wood and matching wooden toys. In the category Toys & Games you will find in our online shop beside wooden toys also children's kitchens and all accessories, such as vegetables and fruit made of wood.
Play kitchens can be a companion throughout childhood. While babies watch their caregivers more and more closely while doing their work in the kitchen, the very young ones usually get along wonderfully with a small stove and some dishes and cutlery in the family kitchen. This can also be a wonderful children's kitchen. The children see their parents working in the kitchen and as if by magic they begin to integrate these perceptions into their play. For this they do not even need their own kitchen at the beginning. They simply take what is there and be it any wooden toy, which now serves as vegetables and fruit. As they grow older, a real play kitchen can give them another special incentive to come into play and cook "for real". Whether it is a large play kitchen with a stove or a small children's kitchen: children's kitchens stimulate children to play imaginative, imitative games. There is a huge range of different brands and models of children's kitchens on the market. Most of them are made of plastic and in bright colours. The typical Ikea children's kitchen is also well known. This raises the question of sustainability. A robust wooden play kitchen can last for many years. Wooden toys are not only much more sustainable than plastic toys, high-quality wooden toys also offer your child the opportunity to have real sensory experiences. Be it the surface, the smell or the weight of the wood - wood offers so much more experience than plastic. From a Waldorf educational point of view, the colours of the kitchen and also the colours of the accessories should not be too gaudy and over-stimulating. The play kitchen accessories usually consist of different parts of play food, as well as dishes, cutlery, cooking and baking utensils. However, it does not need too much or too sophisticated accessories for the children's kitchen. Many toys can be made by yourself. For example, leftover wood or fabric can be turned into vegetables and fruit or other food. A part of the children's kitchen is often an integrated cupboard and an oven. Always changing or expanding accessories, such as cooking sets and baking sets, allow for creative play. With such a children's kitchen, cooking is simply fun for the children. In the group room of a Waldorf kindergarten there is almost always a doll's house. The children's kitchen is an integral part of the doll's house. In the Waldorf School the children then find the play kitchen in the after-school care in the first years. So the children's kitchen can accompany the children through the years. Waldorfshop has different play kitchen models in the assortment, e.g. the Nic play kitchen made of wood, a large children's play kitchen or a children's play kitchen made of alder wood. We also offer various accessories, a cooking set for the play kitchen in the Waldorfshop. For the little chefs we also have matching aprons in our assortment, which of course can also be used practically in the "real" kitchen. In addition to wooden play kitchens with wooden accessories Waldorfshop online also offers shop and shop accessories made of wood in the toys section. In addition to the play kitchens Waldorfshop has a wide range of high quality and beautiful wooden toys, e.g.: figures and animals, as well as building blocks and building blocks made of wood. Sustainable and in the sense of Waldorf education pedagogically valuable wooden toys can be found in the category toys and games.