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Nic's play kitchen is a beautiful children's kitchen made of sanded and oiled wood and therefore a classic among wooden toys. Play kitchens are part of the basic equipment of every child's room or living room for parents with children in the first year of seven. Here the real life in the kitchen can be played very finely. In addition to the cooker and oven, the play kitchen also has a sink with a tap and a wooden storage cupboard for a variety of accessories and kitchen utensils. The kitchen does not take up much space, as it can be placed against the wall. It is not only suitable for the kitchen play at home but is also ideal for the Waldorf Kindergarten. In the childlike imitative play a feeling understanding and a connection to the adult world surrounding the child is created. In order to leave a lot of room for creativity we recommend to use natural materials for the kitchen equipment. To "cook" with chestnuts and acorns or to make the ingredients from Filges felt wool. Also other wooden toys can be integrated very well into the children's kitchen. Building blocks can be used as building blocks to cut vegetables, or a few slices of wood can be put in the frying pan. The children can see with a little bit of Phansatsie in everything something preparable in the children's kitchen. The manufacturer Nic produces his wooden toys in high quality. Besides the stability, as well as the easy and safe handling while playing, the products are characterized by a high ecological standard. Manufactured in Germany. Free of harmful substances according to our demand for organic toys with natural colours. Multiple awards for Nic's wooden toys give you the security to purchase a pedagogically valuable wooden toy for your child. Under the brand Glückskäfer Nic offer many great accessories for play kitchens. Since children's play kitchens often contain many small parts, parents of small children should be busy cooking with them. Delivery without pot

Item ID 10000615
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Glückskäfer
Weight 2100 g
Dimensions 79×39×56mm
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Large Wooden Play Kitchen

Play well

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