Children's board

incl. paper roll and magnets

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2 board pages, 1 paper roll, 2 magnets

1 board side magnetic

Dimensions: 110 cm, 71 cm, 40 cm, board surface 60 cm x 45 cm.
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Children's blackboard with 2 blackboard sides, paper roll and magnets

Sturdy chalkboard with wooden frame, 2 board sides, 1 magnetic board surface, with paper roll and 2 magnets.

This high quality children's board with wooden frame offers many play possibilities. Artful drawings can be made with chalk on both sides. One board side is magnetic and can thus be used for attaching e.g. magnetic letters or as a pin board. 2 magnets are included!

The paper from the paper roll attached in the lower area can be placed over the board and thus coloured with crayons. The wide storage area in the lower area of the children's board offers space for crayons and pencils and provides additional stability.

Play school at home, or simply paint and draw and wipe it all away again. A children's blackboard encourages creativity... Just try it out and wipe it away if something doesn't work or a picture is finished. A blackboard offers endless fun and simply belongs in every child's room!

The high quality of this chalkboard makes it a very durable and high-quality piece of play equipment.

Product information:

Contents: board with 2 board sides, 1 side magnetic, 1 paper roll, 2 magnets.
Dimensions: height 110 cm, width 71 cm, depth 40 cm, board surface 60 cm x 45 cm

You can findchalk for the children's board in our chalk category !

Schöllner wooden toys

Material, form and colour belong together and speak their own language. Schöllner designs its wooden toys according to these aspects. The company Schöllner Holzspielzeug attaches great importance to the fact that the functionality and the design of the toys do not restrict but promote the creativity of the children. Since 1985, a team of Schöllner Holzspielzeug made up of motivated experts has been putting the play ideas into practice in their workshop in Germany. They are supported by three workshops for the disabled in the immediate vicinity. Schöllner Holz spielzeug uses mainly European, well stored black alder which retains its warm, characteristic colour through the surface treatment with linseed oil.

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