Diabolo with freewheel

5 colours to choose from

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Diabolo with ball bearing

Material: environmentally friendly polypropylene

Dimensions: Ø 12 cm, 14 x 12 cm. Weight: 235 g.
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Diabolo with free wheel, 5 colours to choose from made of environmentally friendly polypropylene.

Henry diabolo with ball bearing for beginners and advanced players, for diabolo leisure sports for children and adults.

Diabolos with freewheel make learning to play diabolo easier thanks to the fast drive and particularly smooth running. Diabolos with ball bearings enjoy great popularity. More demanding tricks are easier to perform with a freewheel diabolo.

The specially manufactured axle of the diabolo from Henry is colour-coded so that the diabolo player always knows in which direction the diabolo has to be driven. Thanks to the ball bearing, longer trick combinations can be played due to the reduced friction. During the tricks, the driving of the diabolo can be dispensed with. The players can concentrate on training individual tricks and trick combinations.

The axial ribbing of the half-shells ensures the best running properties even with the strongest deformation. The diabolo also withstands frequent falls without any problems.

Diabolo sport is a popular leisure activity for children and adults. With this diabolo, you get a high-quality piece of playing equipment with a long service life. Also suitable for beginners!

Product information:

Diabolo with ball bearing
Contents: 1 piece
Material: plastic
Colours: red, yellow, turquoise, blue, orange
Dimensions: Ø 12 cm, 14 x 12 cm
Weight: 235 g

Handsticks with rope sold separately!

An instruction booklet for playing with the diabolo can be found here...

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