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Clothing envelops your babyit warms and protects the delicate body. At Waldorfshop you will find a constantly growing range of baby clothes made of natural materials such as wool, silk and organic cotton, which will accompany your child comfortably and cosily in the first months and years.

Baby fashion in Waldorfshop

From the moment of birth, a newborn baby has to regulate its own body heat. Suitable baby clothing helps your child to ensure that it is neither too hot nor too cold. Ideally, the clothing should fit around the child like a second skin. Baby clothes should be made of wonderfully soft fabrics and practical cuts, and offer newborns, babies and toddlers enough freedom of movement.

Baby clothes made of natural materials such as wool, silk and organic cotton, i.e. soft fabrics in stretchy quality, are ideal here. Baby clothes made of synthetic fibres make newborns and toddlers sweat at high temperatures and do not absorb the sweat. This has a detrimental effect on the children's heat balance! They do not provide lasting warmth in cold temperatures. In addition, baby fashion made from synthetic fibres is often produced using harmful substances and under unfair conditions. Wool/silk is a particularly fine blend of materials that is suitable for all year round. It cools in summer through the silk and warms in winter through the virgin wool.

At Waldorfshop, we carefully select the manufacturers we work with! We buy baby clothes from Pure Pure and Hocosa, among others. In the spirit of Waldorf education and the sensory teachings of Rudolf Steiner, we do not use flashy prints and bright colours in our baby clothes. We are also happy to have found Pure Pure and Hocosa, manufacturers who offer gender-open baby clothes.

Pure Pure by Bauer - baby clothes that make you feel good

Pure Pure baby clothes are made of 100 % natural fibres. The clothing is mainly produced fairly in Germany, Italy and Lithuania. Pure Pure by Bauer produces according to the GOTS standard and stands for a respectful treatment of resources and fellow human beings;

You can find Pure Pure hats, rompers, scarves, cardigans, mittens and trousers for babies and toddlers online.

Hocosa - Underwear made of wool/silk

The company Hocosa from Switzerland produces underwear made of silk, wool and cotton from organically controlled cultivation (cotton kbA) or organically controlled animal husbandry (wool kbT). Care is taken to ensure that all processes are environmentally friendly. Hocosa clothing is produced according to the GOTS standard (Global Organic Textile Standard) and bears the IVN-BEST seal (International Association of the Natural Textile Industry).

At Waldorfshop you can find underwear made of wool and wool/silk as well as leggings, long-sleeved shirts and bodysuits by Hocosa online for your children.

Must haves - clothing for newborns?

There is a lot of information on the internet about the amount of clothing a newborn baby needs. If you dress your child with baby clothes made of natural materials, then you don't have to wash as much, often just airing the clothes is enough. Below you will find our recommendation for baby's first outfit. The sizes are of course slightly different, depending on the individual development of the child. We recommend that you also get clothes for the next size up, as the transition is often smooth and some baby clothes turn out differently. Depending on whether your baby is a summer or winter child, he or she will naturally also need rather light, short-sleeved or warm, long-sleeved clothing. Therefore, any checklist you find on the internet can only be a suggestion, an inspiration. You know best what your child needs!

Bodysuits are ideal because they warm the baby's whole upper body without slipping. Babies keep the temperature best in wool-silk bodysuits. For newborns, the sleeves on the bodysuit should be long and only have short sleeves in very warm midsummer. Rompers with feet fit more comfortably than trousers because they don't constrict anything and keep your baby warm. Newborns lose most of their heat through their heads. Therefore, in the first days and weeks after birth, children should wear a cap wear a hat. In addition to the head, the feet should also not get cold - Socks Socks are just as important as hats in the first few weeks. When the babies are a bit bigger and move more and more, rompers are sometimes a bit impractical. So it's good to have a pair of leggings or tights with a soft, wide waistband.

By the way, you can test whether your baby is dressed too cold or too warm in three easy steps. Are the hands cold or sweaty? Are the feet cold or sweaty? Is the neck area cold or sweaty? 

Checklist for the first outfit

  • 4 bodysuits in size 50/56

  • 6 bodysuits in size 62 

  • 6 shirts or thin sweaters/sweatshirts (autumn/winter)

  • 6 rompers or trousers

  • 2 - 3 hats in size 35 and size 37

  • 2 - 3 baby jackets

  • 3 pairs each of thin & thick socks in size 15/16

  • 10 muslin nappies (they are really good for all kinds of things - spit-up cloth, underlay, thin blanket...)

  • 2 sleep overalls

  • 2 - 3 leggings or tights

  • 2 sleeping bags for the night

Size charts to help you can be found on the internet!

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