Baby equipment

As parents-to-be and after the birth of your baby, you are surely on the lookout for the best baby equipment for your child. At Waldorfshop, you will find online not only baby clothes, baby toys and baby food, but also a fine selection of high-quality furniture for the baby room and nursery. Have fun browsing and discovering in our online shop!

  • Alder Wooden Bowl
    Alder Wooden Bowl
    Drewex | Wooden bowl made of alder | Ø 13,5 cm H 5 cm | Food safe oiled Ø 13,5 cm H 5 cm
      In stock
    EUR 12.10 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Alder Wood Bowls Set of 3
    Drewex | Alder Wood Bowls Set of 3 | Alder Wood | Ø ca.19 cm, 16 cm, 13 cm Ø approx. 19 cm, 16 cm, 13 cm
      Not in stock, approx. 1-4 weeks
    EUR 20.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Laundry basket, small
    Adam Schmidt | Laundry Basket, Small | Play Basket | Laundry Basket| Solid Willow | 40 x 28 x 18 cm 40 x 28 x 18 cm
      Not in stock, approx. 1-4 weeks
    EUR 29.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Laundry basket, medium
    Adam Schmidt | Laundry basket, medium | Laundry basket with two carrying handles | Material: sturdy untreated solid willow | Dimensions: 60 x 43 x 27 cm
      In stock
    EUR 50.30 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Wooden spoon
    Drewex | Wooden Spoon | Children's Spoon | Alder Wood | 14.8 x 3.5 x 1 cm Baby spoon
      Not in stock, approx. 1-4 weeks
    EUR 7.50 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Wool Bird Mobile Craft Set
    Filges | Wool Bird Mobile Craft Set | made from fairytale wool from fairy tale wool
      In stock
    EUR 15.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Laundry basket, large
    Adam Schmidt | Laundry basket, large | multiple uses | Material: untreated solid willow | Dimensions: 70 x 46 x 28 cm 70 x 46 x 28 cm
      In stock
    EUR 57.70 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Baby blanket made from merino wool kbT
    Weckelweiler Werkstätten | Merino wool blanket | from certified organic farming | Baby wool blanket | 100 % certified organic farming merino wool | Dimensions: approx. 85 x 85 cm 85 x 85 cm
      In stock
    EUR 56.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Felt bowl
    Romanswerk | Felt bowl | small, medium, large small, medium, large
      In stock
    EUR 15.50 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Cradle canopy
    Filges | Cradle canopy | made of silk 100 % silk
      In stock
    EUR 120.00 *
    2.25  | EUR 53.33 / m²
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Livipur Silas changing top
    Livipur | Livipur Silas changing table top Alder wood, solid
      Available at short notice, delivery in 4-12 days
    EUR 130.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Cradle canopy, rolled
    Filges | cradle canopy, rolled | made of silk | cradle canopy 2-piece | rosé, light blue | dimensions of each cloth: 200 x 90 cm Silk
      In stock
    EUR 122.00 *
    1.8  | EUR 67.78 / m²
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Sixtina with picture frame DIN A4
    Frame Art Franke | Sixtina with picture frame DIN A4 | in hand-carved wooden frame Hand carved frame
      Not in stock, approx. 1-4 weeks
    EUR 155.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping

Which is the right bed for your baby?

When looking for the right cot, the question quickly arises as to whether the baby needs its own bed or whether a side bed would be better. And what about a classic cradle or a bassinet?

In the end, it always has to suit you as parents and your family situation. If you want to have the baby close to you when sleeping, then a side bed, for example the Ola side bed by Livipur made of solid organic alder wood, is just the right thing. If you want to design a baby room, then of course a bed of your own is more practical. Here, the Silas baby and cot bed made of solid alder wood is wonderfully suitable.

It is often only after the baby is born that you discover what is the most suitable and practical bed for your family situation.

For our Waldorf cradle and for the baby cot, we have a beautifully delicate cradle canopy on offer. And of course you can find the right mattress for your baby in our shop online!

Changing table or chest of drawers with changing unit?

Especially in the first weeks, the changing table or chest of drawers plays a decisive role. The most important thing, besides the safety of your baby, is enough storage space for nappies, baby clothes, nappies and oils as well as other baby items.

Depending on whether there is enough space, a changing table or a changing top comes into question. Our changing table by Walter Kinder Möbel fits into the nursery and is also suitable for kindergartens. It has plenty of storage space and is offered in 5 widths. A different division of drawers, compartments or doors is also possible on request.

The practical Silas changing unit made of bio-treated alder wood matches the cot and can be used on a shelf or chest of drawers.

Children's furniture, decoration and other baby equipment

A baby's room or nursery naturally also includes other children's furniture, such as a wardrobe or chest of drawers. We have a beautiful wooden wardrobe to match the bed and changing unit, with enough storage space for baby clothes and accessories.

To make the nursery cosy, in addition to wooden furniture, blankets, pictures, salt lamps and baskets are also suitable. Toys such as building blocks, cuddly toys and rattles can be placed in the baskets. Of course, Raphael's Madonna is particularly suitable as a picture!

Wonderful gifts for the birth of a baby are our craft sets Forest Birds Mobile or Fairy Round Dance.

Baby equipment at Waldorfshop

At Waldorfshop you will find online furniture and much more baby equipment from high-quality brands such as Walter Kinder Möbel, Livipur, Adam Schmidt, Rahmen Art Franke, Weckelweiler Werkstätten and Filges, which work in a fair and sustainable manner. We hope you enjoy browsing!