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Handmade in Germany Upper material: 100% cotton Inner sole: 100% cotton Non-slip, nubbed rubber sole for eurythmy, sports and leisure time Easy to put on Our eurythmy shoe is a high quality shoe for Waldorf students, teachers and parents made of cotton fabric with a non-slip, nubbed rubber sole, soft inner padding made of cotton and a stabilizing bar rubber over the foot. For your information: Eurythmy is the art of expressing speech or music with the body through movement. Eurythmy connects mind and body and strengthens social behaviour and trust in a community. Through coordination exercises it helps to establish the connection between body and mind.

Item ID 10001107
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Morgenspruch Eurythmieversand
Weight 84 g
Dimensions 200×100×10mm
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Morgenspruch Eurythmieversand

Eurythmy Shoes Basic, Red

Made in Germany

Item number WDS-1727

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