Eurythmy shoes standard, white 46

Morgenspruch Eurythmieversand

Eurythmy shoes standard, white

Gymnastics shoe

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Eurythmy shoes standard, white

Our Eurythmy Shoe Standard is a high quality shoe for Waldorf students, teachers and parents. The Eurythmy Shoe Standard is a white gymnastic shoe made of cotton fabric with a non-slip, studded rubber sole and a soft inner padding made of cotton. The stabilising rubber bar over the foot provides additional support. The Eurythmy Shoe Standard white is also suitable for a rather wide foot.The eurythmy shoe Standard, white is the ideal eurythmy shoe for eurythmy lessons at the Waldorf School!

Product information:

Eurythmy shoes Standard
Sizes: 27-48
colour: white
Material: upper, inner sole 100% cotton

You can find more eurythmy shoes and gymnastic shoes in different colours and designs in our Waldorfshop in the category <a href="" target="_blank">Eurythmy shoes!

In the "Technical Data" we have the exact size information of the eurythmy shoes ready for you.

<a href="" target="_blank">Eurythmy

Eurythmy as an art of movement developed by Rudolf Steiner is intended to help people achieve independent orientation and movement in space.It should lead the human being as an individual spiritual being through the experience of his or her own corporeality in thinking, feeling and willing to the development of his or her individual form of movement in space.The power is created in the soul of people to lead experiences into the shaping of their own personality.Eurythmy is a central subject in the curriculum of Waldorf schools and is also practised as a stage art.Increasingly, eurythmy is also being used as therapy.

At Waldorfshop, we offer a wide range of <a href="" target="_blank">Eurythmy accessories an.In addition to the classic eurythmy shoes and eurythmy dresses, you will find products for practising as well as further literature on this subject.

Determine the correct size by drawing the outline of the foot on a piece of paper, then measure the length from the heel to the big toe.

Size chart model Standard: (The outer sole of the shoes was measured)

Size of the shoe in mm:

23 - 154

24 - 159

25 - 164

26 - 169

27 - 174

28 - 180

29 - 184

30 - 195

31 - 199

32 - 205

33 - 211

34 - 219

35 - 223

36 - 232

37 - 238

38 - 245

39 - 249

40 - 259

41 - 265

42 - 273

43 - 276

44 - 285

45 - 289

46 - 297

47 - 302

48 - 307

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