Seccorell Pocket Box "Wipe and Paint


Seccorell Pocket Box "Wipe and Paint

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Sturdy metal box with 8 colour sticks

for painting and drawing

Dimensions: L 9.6 x W 7.5 x H 1.8 cm
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Seccorell Pocket Box "Wiping and Colouring

Sturdy metal box with 8 paint sticks, rubbing block, brush and eraser.

This box "Wiping and painting" offers everything for a very special painting technique. The colour sticks are rubbed with the help of the rubbing block, with the rubbing dust you can then create wonderful wiping pictures by hand. You can also draw with the colour sticks and thus set accents. For creating lanterns and painting beautiful delicate pictures full of luminosity.

Product information:

Seccorell Pocket Box "Wipe and Paint".
Contents: 8 colour sticks, rubbing block, brush and eraser, sturdy metal box with wool felt inside.
Packaging dimensions: L 9.6 x W 7.5 x H 1.8 cm

More sets "Wiping and Painting", refill sets, as well as coloured pencils, wax crayons and blocks from Stockmar and everything for painting and designing can be found in our category Painting & Drawing!

Painting technique "Wipe and Paint

This painting technique can be used on any kind of paper. The fine rubbing dust of the colour sticks is smudged with the finger. Delicate or strong colour areas are created. If the sticks are held like a pencil, you can draw with them as usual. This way, pictures with delicate areas and fine accents are created. This painting technique is suitable for designing table lanterns, staff lanterns, postcards or greeting cards. These extraordinary colour sticks from MeiArt are also popular in Waldorf schools in many eras. Thus, the pocket box "Wiping and Painting" is also wonderfully suitable as a first school gift.

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