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Who doesn't know the big, colourful rainbow made of wood by Grimms? You can find this classic toy as well as other high-quality wooden toys by Grimms Spiel und Holz Design online in our shop in the category Toys & Games.


Grimms: Sustainable wooden toys for imaginative play

Wooden toys, such as the large rainbow from Grimm, enable children to experience the world in a variety of true sensory impressions. Through play, they experience the world and make it their own. The gateway to the world is formed by the senses. The more varied and "real" the sensory experiences are, the more varied the child can develop and learn.

Waldorfshop wants to bring joy to children and families with the products and gifts from our online shop, which is why we work together with selected manufacturers, such as Grimms Spiel und Holz Design, and obtain the well-known birthday rings, letters in rainbow colours, Waldorf building blocks and much more from them.

The most important principle for our assortment development is that the toy should be played with by the child and not play at the child. Only in this way can it accompany the child in creative play and leave room for the child's own creativity.

The manufacturer Grimm produces wooden toys that are appropriate for the age of the children and their development.

Advantages of the wooden toys from Grimms

With the reduced design of the wooden toys, Grimms wants to give a lot of space for the development of children's creativity. Through the beautiful, artistically designed wooden toys, the sense of beauty is also encouraged. The toys, which are made of natural materials such as wood and of good quality, can also teach children what quality means. Grimms considers this to be an important task in today's "throwaway society". Because wooden toys are very sustainable - if something breaks, for example, it can be repaired with glue.

How are Grimms wooden toys made?

In product development, Grimms is inspired by Waldorf education and other reform educational approaches, such as Montessori.

The products are always unique pieces with unique traces from nature. With a few exceptions, they are sanded and sawn by hand, which supports the uniqueness of each toy.

The pure woodworking is outsourced to small independent companies in Europe. Product development and further processing of the wooden toys takes place at the company's headquarters in the Swabian Alb. Finally, the quality is checked, everything is packed and shipped. For some products, Grimms works together with workshops for disabled people in Germany.

All products are regularly tested and comply with the European standard for toy safety (EN 71) and US standards.

At the Hochdorf site, green energies such as green electricity and solar panels are used and attention is paid to resource-saving and recyclable packaging.

In addition to protecting the environment, it is also important for Grimms to treat its employees with respect, which is reflected in the form of fair wages and additional social benefits, job security and working conditions.

The valuable raw material wood

Grimms uses alder, maple, beech and lime wood for products such as the birthday ring, the letters, the rainbow, the shop and the marble run.

As a sustainably operating wood manufacturer, Grimms is aware of its corporate responsibility based on respectful treatment of the environment and the people living in it.

The company is certified according to the FSC™ standard. The wood used comes from sustainable forestry in Europe. The production is designed to be as resource-friendly as possible. After receipt of goods, all raw materials go through a quality assurance process in Germany before the final product is created and packaged.

Wood pellets are produced from the wood residues and are used completely to heat the buildings at the Bosnia site.

Feel free to browse online in our shop and discover beautiful, sustainable wooden toys from Grimms as well as other manufacturers such as Ostheimer and Fagus.