Stockmar "Colours of the World" Wax Crayons

8 colours

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Stockmar "Colours of the World" wax crayons

8 colour tones for you and your friends: You can paint the colours individually or layer them on top of each other to create your own colour tones and create many different skin colours.

You're sure to have plenty of ideas to paint, whether it's yourself, your favourite friends or family, animals, landscapes or stories of this and other worlds that you particularly like - we hope you enjoy it!

Product information:

Contents: 8 pens in a tin case with scraper

Colours: 03 orange, 13 reddish brown, 14 yellowish brown, 15 black, 20 ochre yellow, 22 umber, 24 pink, 34 pearl pink

Wax crayons from Stockmar as single colours or in sets and many accessories, you can find in our category Wax crayons!

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