Grimms Birthday Pin "Anthroposophical Numbers 9


Grimms Birthday Pin "Anthroposophical Numbers

Numbers 0-9

Item number 8799

Content: 1 piece

Material: lime wood

Height approx 9 cm
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Content 1 piece
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Birthday plug "Anthroposophical numbers", plug for the birthday spiral.

Beautifully shaped number plug made of colour glazed lime wood to decorate the birthday ring or birthday spiral from Grimms. The beautiful numbers show the age on the birthday table for the birthdays. The colours of the Grimms birthday plugs are harmoniously coordinated.

Product information:

Grimms birthday pegs
Contents: 1 piece
Available: Numbers 0 - 9
Material: lime wood, coloured glazed
Dimensions: Height approx. 9 cm


Attention! decoration article! not suitable for playing!

You can find birthday pins with motifs here...! You can find more products and wooden toys from Grimms on our Grimms manufacturer page!

Celebrate and design children's birthdays

Next to Christmas, a child's birthday is the most important day of the year for the child, because for once it is only about the one child or the twins or multiples. A wonderful day that is eagerly awaited. The day can begin with special rituals, such as waking the sleeping child with a birthday song and a candle. The family can accompany the child into the festively decorated birthday room. There is singing and the candles burn on the birthday table. Numbers on or next to the candle show the child's age. What a special moment to suddenly see the new age written....

On the evening before the birthday, a special story can be read to the child. The book " Die Erdenreise des kleinen Engels" (The little angel's journey to earth ) by Hilda Herklotz is particularly suitable. Or the day of the birth can be told. Often the child feels the specialness of the day, asks questions and enjoys the full attention given to it. Ideas for the birthday party with many lively guests can be found in the book "Ich feiere Geburtstagstage und Jahresfeste!" (I celebrate birthdays and annual festivals!).

You can find little presents and nice things to decorate the party in our children's birthday category !

Anthroposophical writing

Even though they are very similar, there are many different Waldorf scripts. All scripts have certain characteristics.

The characteristics of the individual numbers and letters of the anthroposophical text types are based on Rudolf Steiner's theory of forms.

The letters and numbers incorporate an artistic aspect and are based on the organic forms of nature, thus avoiding right angles as these do not occur in nature.

Another feature of the typefaces is the special lines of the numerals. Due to the deliberate irregularities, the typefaces appear less rigid, they are dynamic and lively.

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