Tripod panhandle

Item number 6754

Hand forged from steel

Dimensions: circumference inside: approx. 30 cm, height: approx. 20 cm

Weight: 1,25 kg
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Pan jack tripod, hand-forged steel, height: approx. 20 cm.

A practical, hand-forged steel pan jack is simply placed over the fireplace. Pots, pans and grills can be placed on it. The pan jack is the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen and is ideal for cooking over an open fire!

The tripod has not been painted and may still show traces of soot from forging.

Material: approx. 10 x 10 mm steel

Dimensions: circumference inside: approx. 30 cm, height: approx. 20 cm

Weight: 1250 g

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