Wicker basket, white

Adam Schmidt

Wicker basket, white

28 x 20 cm

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Wicker basket, white. oval with handle.

Oval wicker basket with handle made of white willow. Ideal as an Easter basket, for the Thanksgiving table, for playing in the shop or for picking berries and mushrooms. Thanks to its practical shape, the woven wicker basket is easy to carry over the forearm. The wicker basket is also suitable for storage in the children's room or for accessories in the bathroom. A beautifully shaped wicker basket, woven, also ideal for scattering flowers on the wedding day.

  • oval shape
  • light shade
  • versatile

Product information:

Wicker basket with handle
Material: willow, white
Colour: natural
Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 15 cm
Weight: 240 g

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