Toy shop

Shop and play kitchens are a source of great joy for children and parents alike. Playing with the shop and its accessories offers very versatile, educationally valuable possibilities. In the Waldorf shop, you will find besides great play kitchens, a playhouse with a wooden shop insert as well as a wonderful shop from Glückskäfer. You will also find cash registers, scales, baskets, vegetables, fruit, play money and other accessories in our online shop. Feel free to browse through our offers!

Playing with the shop

Role play allows children to imitate activities that they notice in the grown-ups around them in a playful way. In this way, shopping can be practised in a playful way with the shop: Selecting goods, putting them in the shopping basket or trolley, perhaps weighing them on the scales beforehand, paying at the till, packing everything and then taking it to the doll's house and the play kitchen.

What belongs to the play in the shop?

  • The shop itself, either bought ready-made or built from play stands
  • A cash register with play money
  • Shopping baskets and bags and perhaps also a shopping trolley
  • Goods for sale, such as vegetables, fruit, bread, etc. Natural materials such as chestnuts, pine cones, acorns etc. can also be used.
  • A scale with weights
  • Empty cream tins or similar 

Wooden toys and toys made of other natural materials are the most sustainable and best for the children's sensory care. Therefore, in the Waldorf shop we have shops made of lime wood and alder wood, as well as play money made of wood and felt.

What can children learn from playing in a shop?

  1. Communication: The children act out what they experience with the adults. Haggling is also part of shopping, as is friendly service.
  2. Imagination and creativity: Like any role-playing game, playing with the children's shop lets children immerse themselves in creative, imaginative play..
  3. Calculation: The first arithmetic operations can be practised in a playful way when paying and returning money. The children experience the joy of dealing with quantities and numbers.

When is a shop suitable for children?

Basically, if there are swallowable objects in the game, it is only suitable for children from the age of 3. If the adults make sure that there are no small objects, children as young as 2 can enjoy playing with the shop. The actual, sustained role-playing begins at the age of 4.  

If you start with a rather rudimentary set with lots of natural materials, then the shop can also grow with the child and later more and more sophisticated accessories can be bought or made yourself. In this way, children can enjoy this game right up to school age.