Advent calendar: Advent gardening


Advent calendar: Advent gardening

Ø 43,5 cm

Item number 17894

Advent calendar with 24 doors

from 2 years

Dimensions: Ø 43.5 cm
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Content 1 piece
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Advent calendar: Advent garden, round

Round advent calendar with 24 doors with advent garden motive

An Advent calendar, lovingly designed like the little Advent garden we know from Waldorf kindergarten and school! The apple candles are lovingly illustrated, in the middle behind the last door waits the manger with the Holy Family. An Advent calendar even for the smallest ones!

With this Advent calendar, a new surprise awaits behind each apple. To hang on a window or on the wall.

Product information:

Advent calendar, picture calendar, round
Dimensions: Ø 43,5 cm
Age recommendation: from 2 years

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