"Moon and Stars" - Wax Colouring Blocks

In gold and silver

Item number 8869

Set 2-piece

Stockmar Wax Colouring Blocks in Silver and Gold

Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 3.3 cm
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"Moon and Stars" - wax colouring blocks, 2 pcs in gift box

1 golden and 1 silver Stockmar wax colour ing block in a gift box, from waldorfkind.

A wonderful gift or souvenir is this set from waldorfkind. As a gift for a class for St. Nicholas, or for Christmas, as a small gift in the Advent calendar, for the school bag, or as a small souvenir or birthday gift.

One silver and one gold Stockmar wax colouring block each in a lovingly illustrated waldorfkind gift box.

Product information:

Contents: Stockmar wax crayon blocks: silver and gold.
Gift box
Illustration: Ella Lapointe

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