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Magnetism is a "primal force". There are iron-bearing stones that are magnetic by nature, but you can't tell by looking at them. With the help of the materials in this experiment box you can playfully experience the mysterious magnetic forces. The forces of iron can be experienced with the strong magnet: Which materials get stuck? How long does the nail chain get? Attraction and repulsion also lead to completely different reactions with the magnetic pendulum. The course of the magnetic field lines can be made visible with iron filings, compass and magnetic ship. Experimental kit from 10 years on. ATTENTION. Contains swallowable magnets and iron particles. Swallowed parts that attract each other can cause serious injuries in the intestines. If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately. learn about magnetic forces many experiments to imitate

Item ID 4316600
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Kraul
Weight 155 g
Dimensions 156×114×30mm
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Experimental kit Magnets Small

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