Children explore the world around them every moment of their lives. That is why it is so important to give children the opportunity to have new experiences according to their age and development, to try things out and to get to know the world better and better, more and more deeply. In the Waldorfshop you will find online under the category Experiment toys and games that will help your children to explore and discover in a curious, joyful and fun way.

Why experiments are important for children

Our world is full of magic and full of wonder. Early in the 1st seven years, children begin to ask why. Most of the time, the aim is not to get ready-made answers from adults, but to be guided on the journey of asking questions and finding answers. Age-appropriate experiments and trials can support children in this process.

7 things children can learn from experimenting:

  1. Experimenting broadens your children's horizons.

  2. Thinking logically and scientifically is practised.

  3. At the same time, respect for the world with all its wonders can be cultivated.

  4. Children learn to observe carefully.

  5. Children can develop their own imagination through experiments.

  6. Through experiments that appeal to children's senses in a variety of ways, they can learn holistically.

  7. Creative problem-solving thinking can be stimulated.

Everything for the first experiments in the Waldorf shop


In their deepest being, children are explorers. The older they get, the more scientific their urge to explore becomes. Therefore, it is helpful for them if they are not only supported by educators in the kindergarten during play or in the school during lessons, but also have the necessary materials and ideas for instructions for a variety of experiments at home in the family. They need adults around them who accompany and support them in simple experiments with fun and joy.

Why does a stone fall to the ground faster than a bird feather? Why does sugar burn as soon as you sprinkle some ash on it? Why does ice float on water?

In our online shop, we have put together a varied selection of diverse products for you and your children to explore and experiment with.

The Kraul kits are particularly worthy of mention here. The basis of this family-owned company was established in the 1920s. Inspired by the work at a Waldorf school, toys were created that encourage children to experience numerous adventures, experiments and trials in nature.

At Kraul, great importance is attached to the use of high-quality materials and local woods as well as to environmentally friendly production.