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Every modern camera is still a Camera Obscura. The principle of the "pinhole camera" has been known since "the ancient Greeks", at least 2300 years. With the invention of cut glass lenses 400 years ago, the Camera Obscura became a practical tool for painters who wanted to draw the most accurate picture of nature. Resourceful scientists finally turned it into "cameras". With this experiment kit you build your own Camera Obscura, experiment with a glass lens, learn the old tricks of the inventors and how today's cameras work. age recommendation: from 10 years, with help from 8 years. dimensions: L 22,5 x W 16 x H 4 cm, weight: 630 g. How photography began. Do not look into direct sunlight. Risk of blindness.

Item ID 4308500
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Kraul
Weight 660 g
Dimensions 225×160×40mm
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Kit to make your own Camera Obscura

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