Couples game

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Couples game


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in wooden box

Material: wood, cardboard
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Couples game, Memory

The 36 pictures on the playing cards are lovingly designed. The pairs of pictures are designed with classic motifs, such as animal motifs, a rainbow, dwarf, gemstone, sailboat or sailor. Thanks to the easy-to-remember and recognisable motifs, even younger children can play the memory game. The couples game comes in a sturdy wooden box, so the game is always well stored and can also be used as a travel game.

Product information:

Couples game, memory
36 cards with motifs
Material: wood, cardboard

Age recommendation: from 4 years

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Memory, classic

The cards are shuffled and placed face down on the table. One by one, the players are allowed to turn over two cards! If no pair is found, the cards are turned over again. Now it is the next player's turn. If a pair is found, it is the player's turn again.

Simple memory for smaller children

Smaller children are often not able to remember all the places on the cards. To increase the chances of finding a card, one of the two turned over cards is always left face up. It is often chance that a pair is found!

Gossip Memory

Gossip Memory is suitable for older children who need a new challenge. Gossip Memory is a fast game with a high fun factor! In Gossip Memory, two cards are always turned over. If no pair is found, only one card is turned over again. It is the next player's turn. Again, two cards are turned over. Whoever discovers a pair first claps on the card of the pair that was first face up. Whoever claps first gets the pair and it is his turn.

Who finds the most pairs?

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