Swing rope  blue


Swing rope

5 m

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Swing rope

Dimensions: L 5 m

Colours: Blue and red
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Swing rope, 500 cm

5 metre long jump rope to swing and jump together for dexterity and endurance. The ideal swing rope for Waldorf schools or after-school clubs. With this long rope it is possible for several children to jump around in it at the same time. With little verses, jumping becomes a cheerful break time game.

Product information:

Swing rope
Colour: blue or red
Dimensions: 5 m
Weight: 180 g

Verses for jumping rope

Jumping rope can be accompanied in the group with verses that the children can speak along with or sing very quickly.


golden chain,
golden shoe,
How old are you?
1, 2, 3, 4, .....

The children jump until they make a mistake or until they reach the age of the jumper.

The mother calls the children in:

A child jumps in the rope, then calls out:

"Mother calls the children in,
(child's name) come in!"

The child called in runs into the rope and jumps along. Then the third child is called in, then the fourth, until all the children jump along or one child gets stuck in the rope.

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