Small cookie cutters animals, 6 pcs.


Small cookie cutters animals, 6 pcs.

Stainless steel

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Small cookie cutter animals, 6 pcs.

Cookie cutters can be used for biscuits, but also for figures made of marzipan or chocolate as well as for figures to decorate candles!
Figures: 1 bird, 1 pig, 1 rabbit, 1 butterfly, 1 horse, 1 elephant. These biscuit cutters are also particularly suitable for dry felting.

Made from stainless steel

Product information:

Small cookie cutters animals, 6 pcs.
Contents: 1 bird, 1 pig, 1 rabbit, 1 butterfly, 1 horse, 1 elephant
Dimensions: 4 -5 x 3 cm

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Dry felting with cookie cutters

For dry felting with biscuit cutters you need a felting pad and a felting needle. Place the biscuit cutter on the pad and put wool of the desired colour loosely into the cutter, then prick the wool with the needle and keep adding felting wool until the cutter is filled. Keep pricking and turning in between. Remove the biscuit cutter and rework if necessary until the wool cutter retains the desired shape.

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