Wooden car, small orange


Wooden car, small

10 x 3,5 cm

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Wooden car in 5 different colours

Material: Wood

Dimensions: 10 x 3,5 cm
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Wooden car, small

The minimalist wooden toy car brings movement into the children's room!

The Wooden Car by Waytoplay is a stylish and durable toy car made from high quality wood. It has a smooth, beautiful surface and sturdy construction. The car is available in a variety of colours that appeal to children. Whether it's racing tracks or street scenes, the Wooden Car by Waytoplay is a valuable toy for children that encourages their imagination and creativity.

Wooden car in 5 different colours, for even more driving fun! Can't tell the front from the back? Just leave it to the children's imagination, they will find their own way to go forward or back!

Product information:

Material: Wood
Colours: natural, blue, red, yellow, orange
Size: 10 x 3,5 cm

Age recommendation: 3 to 9 years


Made in Germany

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