Ostheimer train coloured


Ostheimer train coloured

L 60 cm

Item number 30898

Colourful train, Ostheimer

Material: alder wood, colour lacquered

Length 60 cm, H 14 cm
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Ostheimer train coloured alder wood

The colourful train from Ostheimer with its colourful individual building blocks is an eye-catcher in the children's room. The child can stack the individual parts of the Ostheimer train on the wagons of the train like a stacking tower. Playing with the Ostheimer train promotes the child's fine motor skills and creativity.

The colours of the Ostheimer train are stimulating and well thought out to match each other. In addition to its versatile play possibilities, the colourful train is a beautiful eye-catcher in the children's room.

The individual building blocks of the Ostheimer train can also be used as building blocks, creating houses, walls or towers that can be played with using Ostheimer figures. There are no limits to the child's imagination with this wooden toy. The child is encouraged to become active and to keep changing the train in creative play. At the same time, the Ostheimer train is a real railway that travels through the play world and can be loaded and unloaded. Figures can travel with it and be integrated into the game.

The play train is suitable for children from the age of 1, but is also an interesting wooden toy for children!

All materials used by Ostheimer are tested and certified and meet strict toy safety specifications, so you get a safe toy for your child.

Product information:

Train coloured, Ostheimer
Material: alder wood, colourfully varnished
Length 60 cm, H 14 cm

Age recommendation: from 1 year.

Toys and wooden toys from Ostheimer and other well-known manufacturers can be found in our Toys & Games category !

Wooden toys from Ostheimer

The Ostheimer wooden toys have a particularly high play value. They are well thought-out and meaningful. Most of the Ostheimer wooden toys have many uses and do not limit the child's imagination and creativity.

Ostheimer wooden toys are lovingly hand-painted and each toy is unique.

Only tested and certified materials are used in the production.

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