Stockmar Wax Crayon Blocks, 8 Colours in Tin Case


Stockmar Wax Crayon Blocks, 8 Colours in Tin Case

Waldorf assortment

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The Waldorf assortment from Stockmar contains 8 different wax crayon blocks in a practical and beautiful tin box, whose colours are particularly harmoniously coordinated. Alongside the wax crayons, the wax crayon blocks are the classics in the Waldorf kindergarten and in the Waldorf school when it comes to the first painting, drawing and writing. Due to their excellent painting properties and the fact that they are harmless to health, they are also suitable for the youngest children. As the beautiful blocks meet the highest educational and artistic demands, they are an essential part of the school supplies for the Waldorf school, are used in every Waldorf kindergarten and can, of course, also be used creatively in a variety of ways at home.

Thewax colouring blocks have a pleasant scent of beeswax and thus appeal to the children's senses through their bright colours. In the spirit of Waldorf education, they enable the children to paint and colour freely, which is not limited to exact outlines and shapes, but allows an imaginative immersion in colours and shapes. As they are suitable for the youngest children, but also offer interesting possibilities of expression and design for older children through the variety of artistic uses, the wax colouring blocks can be a long-lasting companion for the children's creative activities. We offer various beautiful roll-up pencil cases to match the wax colouring blocks.

Contents: 8 blocks in a tin case incl. scraper.

01 carmine red, 02 vermilion, 03 orange, 04 golden yellow, 05 lemon yellow, 07 green, 10 ultramarine blue and 12 red violet.

"spiel gut" award.

Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.3 x 1.2 cm.

Certificate: CE.

For many decades, the Schleswig-Holstein-based company Stockmar has been producing quality products for art and art education. Based on Waldorf education, Stockmar products enable a genuine experience based on sensory experiences. In product development and production, Stockmar attaches importance not only to art educational and aesthetic aspects, but also to ecological and social standards. In doing so, the company combines decades of experience with the most modern knowledge. From the packaging, to the shape, colour, scent and texture, as well as the artistic possibilities of the products, everything at Stockmar comes together in an aesthetic, sensual and artistic overall result.

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