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can be set up individually or in a row like a wavy line can be set up as a spiral for birthdays, celebrations and the Advent season 8-piece set made of glazed solid wood Ø 41 cm The elements can be set up as a spiral or individually or in a row like a wavy line For birthdays: On birthdays, figure plugs, flowers or semi-precious stones can also be inserted into the holes that are not filled with life lights. In the Advent season: Every evening, listen to a little story, sing a song, light another candle and come to rest together. This is a wonderful ritual to experience the Advent season in the family in a conscious and atmospheric way. Eight parts with a total of 24 holes. Wood oiled, Ø ca. 41cm. Versatile, flexible candle holder for festive decorations Example Grimm's is a sustainable wood manufacturer from southern Germany. From alder, lime, beech and maple wood beautiful things as well as natural, high-quality and safe wooden toys are produced. In the development of its products Grimm's is guided by Waldorf education, among other things. The products are unique and, with a few exceptions, are sanded and partly hand-painted by hand. With the reduced design of the wooden toys Grimm's wants to allow a lot of space for the development of children's creativity. The wood used comes from sustainable forestry in Europe. The production is designed to be as resource-saving as possible. For some products Grimm's cooperates with workshops for disabled people in Germany.

Item ID 7320300
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Grimm's
Weight 1145 g
Dimensions 360×325×95mm
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Grimm's Birthday or Advent Spiral 24 St.Natural

Item number 7320300

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