Alder Wooden Bowl


Alder Wooden Bowl

Ø 13,5 cm H 5 cm

Item number 3861

Food safe

robust and durable

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Wooden bowl made of oiled alder wood.

Beautiful wooden bowl for nuts, pastries and also for storing various things. Made of oiled alder wood. "Velvety soft" for delicate mouths and hands. Practical and simply beautiful!

Ideal for baby food!

The alternative to plastic for the first self-eating attempts. Suitable for food. This bowl made of alder wood is ideal for baby's first porridge. The bowl is robust and can withstand a fall from the dining table. The feel of the wood is appealing. The ideal baby tableware!

Product information:

Baby dinnerware
Alder wood bowl, sanded, oiled
Material: alder wood
Dimensions: Ø 13,5 cm H 5 cm

Care instructions: Hand wash only, can be re-oiled with rapeseed or sunflower oil.

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