An old custom The harvest festival probably has its origin in ancient Rome or the Greeks, who celebrated a festival in honor of the goddesses of the grain Ceres or Demeter at harvest time. In Christianity, God was then thanked for the rich gifts of the earth. This has been preserved as a custom and tradition until today. The churches are decorated with wreaths and in some places also with a harvest crown, baskets of vegetables and fruit are placed in front of the altar and a special service is celebrated.
The harvest festival in the Waldorf Kindergarten At the beginning of the Thanksgiving Week, each child brings a small basket to the kindergarten. This basket is filled with fruit, vegetables, corn and nuts. They all find a place on the decorated Thanksgiving table. Every day of the week they are now busily cooking and baking and creating delicious meals from all these treasures. Every child contributes something to this. Accompanied by the adults, a feeling of gratitude for the riches that the earth gives us can develop. Especially in our time the feeling of gratitude is so important. Through gratitude I can connect with the world, out of gratitude I can reach the feeling of love for all living things around me. The harvest festival offers the possibility to let real gratitude arise in us. But we can also practice this daily on a small scale by taking a short moment to say "thank you" before meals: The bread from the grain, the grain of light, the light from the face of God. The fruit of the earth by the light of God, Let light also become in my heart.