Star Winky


Star Winky

3 Kaleidoscopes in star dress

Item number 30009

3 Kaleidoscopes in star dress

Material: Cardboard disc with multispectral film

Size: Ø 8 cm, peephole: Ø 1.5 cm
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Content 3 piece
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Set of 3 Star Twinkies, small kaleidoscope in a star shape.

These beautiful stars carry a kaleidoscope in their centre that transforms any light source into a rainbow spectacle . For the Christmas tree or as window decoration, as a small gift tag or as a present during Advent and Christmas!

Small kaleidoscopes in star dress, made of sturdy cardboard, with a peephole with multispectral foil, which conjures up breathtakingly beautiful rainbow colours thanks to its eightfold fan. Can also be used as tree decorations!

Product information:

Star twinky, mini kaleidoscope
Contents: 3 pieces
Material: cardboard disc with multi-spectral foil
Colour: blue/gold
Size: Ø 8 cm, peephole: Ø 1.5 cm

Ornaments for the Christmas tree can be found in our category tree ornaments!

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