Detective Equipment

During Year 2, detective play becomes increasingly appealing to children. Going on adventures, solving tricky puzzles and exciting tasks and finally solving an exciting case - the dream of many boys and girls. Of course, detective equipment is indispensable. In the Waldorfshop you can find toys, games and books online for your children, which will stimulate their imagination and invite them to an exciting adventure together.

The classic detective kit


Of course, as with many toys, there is a myriad of choice when it comes to detective toys. We also advise the motto "less is often more" for detective equipment. A torch, a magnifying glass, a Morse code are usually enough to stimulate imaginative play.

Detective equipment in the Waldorf shop

Often, interest in detective games begins with reading a detective mystery book.

"The Red U" is such an exciting detective story: four boys and a girl are terrified for weeks by a stranger: They receive unusual assignments on small pieces of paper, signed by the 'Red U'. If they don't solve these tasks, they are threatened with betrayal, because the Red U knows that the five are playing mean tricks on many of the inhabitants of their town. The mysterious assignments become more and more dangerous, but Boddas, Mala, Döll, Knöres and Silli cannot find out who is hiding behind the mysterious Red U. The five of them have to find out. When a fellow pupil disappears, they once again put their detective skills to the test. With their support, the boy can be rescued and the mystery of the Red U finally solved.

With the magnifying glass to create your own, which you can find in our Experiment category, not only can exciting cases be solved, but nature can also be put under the microscope. Anyway, detective equipment is often ideal for adventures in nature and finding out what the leaves of a sycamore tree look like or how to recognise a larch tree also requires detective acumen.

">We therefore also carry various books in our online shop that encourage your children to explore nature. For example, the identification book "Linde, Willow, Apple Tree", which presents around 40 trees in the change of seasons, or the book "Animal Tracks and Tracks", an indispensable reference book for every nature lover.

"ltr">We therefore also have various books in our online shop that encourage your children to explore nature.

Various lamps, such as the headlamp, the flat lamp or the Morse code lamp accompany your children on their adventures.

Our headlamp for kids is a lightweight and compact lamp for outdoor activities like camping, hiking or just for a detective set. Our high-capacity lithium-ion battery for the headlamp guarantees high light output even in cold conditions. The battery is charged directly via the integrated USB port.

Exclusively available in the Waldorf Shop is the Morse Code Alphabet for children. With the two booklets, children can learn Morse code and send and receive messages. With Morse code, letters, numbers and signs can be transmitted. With the help of a lamp, the young detectives can send and decode a secret code optically by light signals. Samuel Morse invented this code in 1837 and with the help of the Morse Code alphabet as well as various short and long signals as well as long or short pauses, nothing stands in the way of a secret conversation!

Our Finger ABC, a guide in pictures for learning sign language can also be ideally used for secret conversations.

Of course, we can't do without the classic detective game. Scotland Yard is a cult detective game in which the detectives chase the mysterious Mister X all over London. A wonderful game for the whole family with suspense right up to the last second.

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