Scale with ten weights

Wooden scale

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precise wooden scale

Material: alder and birch plywood, weights: stainless steel

Dimensions scale: L 41 cm, W 13.5 cm, H 30 cm, Weight: 1800 g
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Wooden scales with 10 weights for kitchen, play kitchen and shop.

A high-quality scale for the shop, for weighing when cooking in the kitchen or in the play kitchen and as a special and educational toy for the children's room.

The scale is equipped with a set of 10 accurate metal weights (twice each) of 10 g, 20 g, 30 g, 40 g and 50 g. The base of the 10 scale is made of alder wood the column is made of maple wood. The beam is made of sturdy birch plywood. The weighing pans and weights are made of stainless steel. All parts made of wood are treated with a linseed oil based oil from Biofa to give them their beautiful appearance and dirt resistant surface, making this scale suitable for the kitchen or for playing and experimenting.

Product information:

Contents: wooden scale, accessories: 10 weights: 2 each: 10 g, 20 g, 30 g, 40 g, 50 g.
Dimensions scale: L 41 cm, W 13,5 cm, H 30 cm
Weight: 1800g

Attention: small parts which can be swallowed, not suitable for children under 3 years.

Gaining experience through play

The free play with the scale invites to experiment. Everything can be weighed with this wooden scale in play, in the children's kitchen, in the shop or when learning arithmetic through play. When cooking in the children's kitchen, the ingredients are weighed exactly, in the shop the goods have to be weighed and packed before sale, there are endless possibilities in play.

The children discover how the scales work: if the children fill one weighing pan with materials, for example with building blocks, toys or marbles, the beam with the pan sinks down. If they now fill the second weighing pan, they can observe what happens. In this way, the children can learn that it is not the size of an object but its weight that moves the scales. An object that is very small can be heavier than a larger one and move it up in its pan on the scales.

Game ideas for first mathematical games

In a joint game, a child places a marble or a small stone in one of the bowls, the beam of the scale is lowered. If a marble of the same size is also placed in the other bowl, the beam is horizontal. The horizontal position of the beam indicates balance.

Now, together with the child, individual objects can be placed on the scales, which in turn are weighed with the marble. The amount of marbles used when weighing with the scales gives a good feeling for the weights of the weighed objects. Now, we can begin to estimate weights, which can then be checked with the help of the scales.

Before placing the marbles on the scales, the child is asked to estimate how many marbles could be needed for the selected object. The child can use previous experiences to make comparisons with other objects and make assumptions.

The scales can also become a popular toy in the Waldorf school or in the after-school care centre. Guided or in free play. Thus, different materials can be weighed, a shop or a play kitchen can be set up.

In the play kitchen or children's kitchen

The play kitchen offers so many possibilities for play which are further enriched with its own scales. Imitating all the activities that parents carry out in the kitchen also shapes the play in the play kitchen. Thus, cooking and baking is diligently done there. For this, very simple play materials are sufficient. Stones, chestnuts, nuts, everything can be weighed with the scales and then prepared, the parents, or siblings, as guests are then allowed to taste what has been cooked.

Whether fruit, vegetables or other accessories from the kitchen or play kitchen, such as nails, lentils, stones, chestnuts or toys, these scales reliably weigh everything. In this way, children can also learn to calculate in their own play kitchen in a playful way. The relaxed atmosphere during play makes the child open to new experiences. This way, no fear of calculating can develop during play in the children's kitchen. How much is 50 g of flour, 50 g of butter and 40 g of sugar together? Playing in the children's kitchen is creative and freeing.

The scales in the shop

In the shop, just like in the children's kitchen, the scales are an irreplaceable accessory. All the goods are weighed according to the order before they are sold. Experiencing how much the different things weigh brings many new experiences in play. How much do plums weigh compared to flour? Older children can learn to adjust the prices to the weight in the shop, while smaller children simply weigh happily. In this way, the shop becomes a place of learning full of imagination and creativity.

This scale is a very high quality toy that should not be missing in any child's room!

You can find scales and other accessories for the shop or the play kitchen in our category Play kitchens & shops!


Dimensions: L 41 cm, W 13,5 cm, H 30 cm

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