Dress up & make up

Children love to play new roles with the help of costumes and make-up, and not just at carnival. At Waldorfshop, you can find high-quality, beautiful costumes and sustainable make-up online for your child's role play.

Play through the world dressed up and made up!

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  • Arrow for bow
    Arrow for bow
    Vah | Arrow for bow | Suitable for junior bow | 1 piece | 46 cm with suction cup
      In stock
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  • Replacement arrow crossbow
    Replacement arrow crossbow
    Gapola Crossbow Games | Replacement Arrow Crossbow | Suction Cup Arrow | 1 piece Suction cup arrow
      In stock
    EUR 2.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Wreath with red florets
    Vah | Wreath with red florets | With red flowers, leaf tendrils and ribbon | Made of paper | Ø 17 cm
      In stock
    EUR 7.50 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • -21 %
    Bow and arrow
    Vah | bow and arrow | with 3 arrows | leather grip | L 100 cm | from 5 years L 100 cm
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    RRP EUR 30.00
    EUR 23.75 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Children's make-up nature
    Livos | children's make-up nature | natural make-up | natural ingredients | skin-friendly | high coverage Natural make-up
      In stock
    EUR 26.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Silk scarf
    Filges | silk scarf | various colours and sizes | 100 % silk, rolled | 1 piece various colours and sizes
      Not in stock
    EUR 5.40 *
    0.073  | EUR 73.97 / m²
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  • Glitter glue
    Birch glitter | Glitter glue | 10 g| 100% natural, skin-friendly, vegan and animal-free | Lasts up to 24 h | Content: 10 g 10 g
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    EUR 11.00 *
    0.01 kilogram  | EUR 1,100.00 / kilogram
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  • Target
    Vah | Target round | Wood | Coloured | Ø 41 cm | For bow & crossbow | Ø 41 cm
      Not in stock
    EUR 11.75 *
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  • Quiver for arrows
    Vah | Quiver for arrows | 40 cm | Ø 7,5 cm | without arrows 40 cm
      In stock
    EUR 21.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Wreath with pink florets
    Vah | wreath with pink florets | for parties and dressing up for parties and dressing up
      In stock
    EUR 7.50 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Magic Worlds" make-up pencils
    Namaki Cosmetics | Make-up pencils "Magical Worlds" | 100 % natural ingredients 100 % natural ingredients
      Not in stock
    EUR 28.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Sarah`s Silks Gymnastic Band
    Sarah`s Silks | Sarah`s Silks Gymnastic Band | Rod L 20 cm, Silk Band 90 x 3 cm | Rainbow Colours | Silk | Rod 20 cm, silk ribbon 90 x 3 cm
      In stock
    EUR 20.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Stethoscope
    Kraul | Stethoscope | 20.5 x 14 x 4.5 cm | real stethoscope 20.5 x 14 x 4.5 cm
      In stock
    RRP EUR 12.50
    EUR 12.45 *
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  • Daisy wreath
    Vah | daisy wreath | with delicate flowers and leaves | Material: wire, paper | Dimensions: Ø 17 cm
      In stock
    EUR 7.50 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Filzi - the felt ball slingshot
    Romanswerk | Filzi - the felt ball slingshot | Incl. 3 balls | Wood | 17 x 12.5 x 2.5 cm incl. 3 felt balls
      In stock
    EUR 29.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Organic glitter in a pack of 3
    Birch Peepers | Organic Glitter in a Pack of 3 | for Celebrating and Crafting for celebrating and handicrafts
      Not in stock
    EUR 17.00 *
    0.006 kilogram  | EUR 2,833.33 / kilogram
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  • Tabard Lancelot
    Vah | tabard Lancelot | knight costume | cotton | size128-134 | Knight costume
      In stock
    EUR 42.30 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping

Role play with dressing up and make-up

The older children get, the more elaborate and imaginative their role-play ideas become. However, boredom can also increase shortly before starting school, so it helps to offer children additional activities, such as dressing up and make-up. Role-play encourages your child in many areas and helps them develop skills and abilities that they will need for life.

While it usually requires nothing more than a few scarves, ribbons and perhaps a piece or two from the family wardrobe, every now and then it is stimulating for play and imagination if it can be a real costume to dress up in or if the children are made up or perhaps even allowed to make themselves up.

5 learning areas for your child when dressing up and putting on make-up

  1. The children can slip into other roles, try out new things in the fantasy world and thus experience self-efficacy, which can promote self-confidence and helps to discover one's own identity.

  2. Social skills such as empathy, communication and dealing with rules and conflicts are practised.

  3. Experiences can be acted out and processed.

  4. Creativity is encouraged.

  5. Motor skills, gestures and facial expressions are tried out and refined.

How can parents and educators support the children?

Children do not play in a vacuum, nor do they "just do it by themselves". The adults around them, the room design and the atmosphere that is created are very decisive and can be supportive or disruptive.

What can we do as adults to help children engage in imaginative, creative play:

  • give the children space and time

  • offer a not too large but stimulating range of play materials

  • pay attention to the (also non-verbal) feedback that we give.

  • for carnival, we should follow the children's wishes regarding costumes and make-up.

  • reflect our own ideas

Costumes and make-up in Waldorfshop

In addition to play cloths, we also offer selected costumes for role play and for carnival or fancy dress.

Costumes are often made from cheap materials under questionable conditions. We value materials and production processes that do not harm the environment, the people making them or our children.

Even the production of make-up often takes place under inhumane and animal-unworthy conditions. We focus on make-up with natural ingredients whose production does not harm animals, humans or the environment. All in the spirit of: Only the best for your children's skin!


Under our own brand waldorfkind we created our wonderful dwarf costume in cooperation with BG-Stätten in Kassel. Coat and cap are made of 100% organic virgin whale. This costume is especially suitable for carnival in the kindergarten during the cold season.

Our costume for hunters and robbers is also made of 100% wool, lovingly handmade in Germany and is Ökotex certified.

In our online shop we also offer costumes for dressing up as Vikings, princesses, mythical creatures, knights and knights templar as well as damsels.


The make-up for children by Livos contains 12 colours on the basis of vegetable oils. They are very well tolerated by the skin and have a high covering power. With them, face, lips and eyes can be made up perfectly.

From the company Birkenspanner we carry organic glitter for skin and hair in beautiful colours. It is harmless for the skin and the environment, 'OK-Water' TüV certified for rivers and lakes as well as 100% plastic-free and biodegradable.

From the company Namaki Cosmetics we carry

  • a pretty set with mirror, application and 7 softly shimmering eye shadows, which are enriched with rice powder and certified organic.

  • Make-up pencils "Magical Worlds" with ingredients of 100% natural origin and certified organic.

  • Water-based nail polish - free from parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene, camphor or nanoparticles and suitable for ages 5 and up.