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The earth is a very versatile toy and already for toddlers it is wonderfully suitable for playing! The little ones stack, build and sort. When the children are older they can use it to build mountains, caves, fences, tunnels, houses and sculptures, and and and and... the earth will always be imaginatively integrated into the play, see what your child invents with it! Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design manufactures the toys from wood in the Swabian Alb and stands for especially high-quality wooden toys. In the assortment of Grimm's you will find many wooden toys that are real toy classics, just think of the wonderfully shining, harmoniously formed rainbow. In the philosophy of Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design wooden toys are not only there to keep a child busy. Above all, it is important that children receive toys that are appropriate for their age and development. Above all, they should be there to stimulate the imagination of the children. This is the creative potential that can be available to a person throughout life. Through beautiful, artistically designed wooden toys made of natural materials, such as wood, and of good quality, the sense of beauty and of what quality actually means is also encouraged. Grimm considers this an important task in our "throwaway society." Our whole assortment of Grimm's wooden toys like birthday ring, letters in rainbow colours, Waldorf building blocks can be found here in our online shop. 5 pieces. Wood: Lime wood colored glazed. Measures: Length 16cm.

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