Grimms Earth


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Grimm`s Earth, 5-piece

Material: coloured glazed lime wood.

Dimensions: Length 16 cm
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Grimms Earth

Like the large and small rainbow from Grimms, Grimms Earth can also be played with in a variety of ways. This wooden toy from Grimm's can be stacked and sorted. Tunnels, mountains and caves can be created during play. Tall towers can also be built with other wooden building blocks.

The child is immersed in creative play and is encouraged to keep trying out new things. With the Grimms Earth, the child can create a variety of patterns in combination with other wooden toys.

Grimms Earth is a 5-piece set of square sheets made of lime wood and glazed in different colours.

Product information:

Grimms Earth, 5-piece
Material: lime wood, glazed in different colours.
Dimensions: Length 16 cm

Age recommendation: from 3 years

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Grimms manufactures toys mainly by hand. Grimms bases its product development on Waldorf education and other reform educational approaches. Grimms wooden toys are designed in appealing colours and shapes and offer a variety of ways to play with them. Grimms wooden toys are an integral part of the children's everyday play in many Waldorf kindergartens.

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