Grimms Large truck

L 22 cm

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ideal as a first toy car

Material: lime wood, glazed.

Dimensions: 22 x 10,5 x 10 cm
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Grimms Big Truck

The large truck from Grimms can be loaded with building blocks, branches and small treasures from nature. The rainbow friends from Grimms or other wooden figures and animals can travel on the loading platform of the wooden car! A beautifully shaped red wooden vehicle, ideal as the first car for the youngest children! The truck can be wonderfully integrated into a play and theme world around the farm or the building site. In play with building blocks, the child can bring the building blocks to the desired location with the truck. This quickly creates a comprehensive game in which the child can immerse himself creatively!

Even crawling children can push the wooden car. The simple shape leaves room for a lot of imagination.

Product information:

Grimms Large truck
Material: lime wood, glazed.
Colour: red/nature
Dimensions: 22 x 10,5 x 10 cm

Age recommendation: from 1 year

Woodenvehicles, wooden cars, figures and animals made of wood can be found in our category wooden toys!

You can find all wooden toys from Grimms on our Grimms manufacturer page!

Grimms Play and Wood Design

all wooden toys by Grimms have a wonderful feel. due to the glaze of the wood, the grain is visible and tangible. the colours are harmoniously matched. the products are always unique with unique traces from nature. with a few exceptions, they are sanded and sawn by hand. this supports the uniqueness of each toy. the production of the wooden toys is carried out with a focus on conserving our resources. only wood from sustainable, european forestry is used. the company is certified according to the FSC™ standard. wood pellets are produced from the wood residues and these are used completely to heat the buildings at the bosnia site.

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